Divine Clutter

Divine Clutter
My design style - Displayed for Interest

Fashion to Decor -

Fashion to Decor -
Our Style- Always

Thank you, Amber Rose

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall is Here! See what is New

New Altered Design Holders
Other Altered web site goodies. Please stop in to visit, 
Our new - Web Site
Changing ideas and offering new things for sell -  Daily

Friday, July 30, 2010

Totes and Notes

We are Open! 
 We have been stocking our new "Totes and Notes". 
 A custom gift line, we will offer.  
Items are being priced and pictures are up to show what will still  be arriving this month.
 At Last!  We have been waiting.
At last August is here. We are Open!
You are invited to Visit. Come see our Shoppe's Style with New look!
Always Tattered and Worn

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just keep- Arranging and Adding

Texas Sassy Totes
I have been arranging and changing and adding. Stop in to visit.
My digital designs with these new "Texas Sassy Totes".New! 
 With a little "Texas Sassy" twist. Look for it,  It will just show up. In my styles.
"Old Tin Type Memories" designed line. New! I will share here and offer to sell..
I just took down, stuff, I just added to sell on my web site. ( I am adding daily) 
 I decided to stay true to what I love. To show my style here with my displayed photos.
Offer handmade with guest artisans with my web site: http://www.velvetrustyrose.com/
 I try networking. Showing guest designers for your enjoyment.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting Ready

Shopping Ready for Fall. Open Sept. 15 th
Black is Welcome All new ADDITIONS

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

With Flair always

New New New
follow me to
We will show our Gathered Clutter in desiged Settings
Our Many Sides of Divine Clutter

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Friends Comment

  I was told by a friend:                                                       by  Amber Rose  2019
  I should write about eveything of interest and what stores I visit and different things I do. I do love visiting all of the creative Blogs.  How each show different ideas and wonderful ways of "How To's". That is one way of Blogging. 
     If I am true to myself,  My Blogs are designed with a "Visual Style of Blogging". I do not need words. The name says it all  "Divine Clutter". I love to mix my digital art with arranged displays for shoppe owners.  Sharing my clutter from my home "All are my designs".
     The fashion: Is a passion I have for detail, I use Magonial Pearl as an"Artisit".  Her use of  layers of lace. The free spirit that she is, is very inspiring.  Detail in just another art form.
     I would hope you see me talking to you, throught my works. This is Me. Please sit a spell. Look throught the clutter and enjoy your visit,  Thank you, Amber Rose 
     Remember I have 3 blogs to visit.  All different in style.  There may be just one you, Love!

Tersor Fino

Tersor Fino
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A Special -Texas Thank you!

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Vintage Styled Aged jewelry

Vintage Styled  Aged jewelry

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