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Divine Clutter
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Thank you, Amber Rose

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Friends Comment

  I was told by a friend:                                                       by  Amber Rose  2019
  I should write about eveything of interest and what stores I visit and different things I do. I do love visiting all of the creative Blogs.  How each show different ideas and wonderful ways of "How To's". That is one way of Blogging. 
     If I am true to myself,  My Blogs are designed with a "Visual Style of Blogging". I do not need words. The name says it all  "Divine Clutter". I love to mix my digital art with arranged displays for shoppe owners.  Sharing my clutter from my home "All are my designs".
     The fashion: Is a passion I have for detail, I use Magonial Pearl as an"Artisit".  Her use of  layers of lace. The free spirit that she is, is very inspiring.  Detail in just another art form.
     I would hope you see me talking to you, throught my works. This is Me. Please sit a spell. Look throught the clutter and enjoy your visit,  Thank you, Amber Rose 
     Remember I have 3 blogs to visit.  All different in style.  There may be just one you, Love!


  1. It was so nice of you to visit my blog today and leave such a nice comment. I quickly popped on over to say hi and thanks. Your blog is beautiful!

  2. Amber,
    Love what you have done to your blog site, love that you added a follow you link now we can follow what you latest blog is.

    Love enya, I have listened to her for years great choice in music.
    I will treasure your Thank You email to me your to sweet.
    I know how hard it is to sell off your great art, just know that someone who buys it wanted it and you can feel proud of yourself that they love your work, what better resting place then in the hands of someone who loves your work.

    Thank you for sharing with me the hard work and passion you had for restoring your old shop buildings, what a fun and creative Journey.

    Come over to my blog and see my latest book paper art, I think you will like it, it's our kind of thing...Paper, paper, and more paper.

    Your inspiring.

  3. Amber I added you to my Blog roll of INSPIRATION... You Rock our GYPSY SOUL.

    post some creative Idea's you have for your home, I would love to see where you create.
    Your Friend,

  4. Your blog is beautiful! I have always loved Enya too! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! I am following you now so I won't miss out on anything! :) Glad to find you.


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