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Fashion to Decor -
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Friends Comment

  I was told by a friend:                                                       by  Amber Rose  2019
  I should write about eveything of interest and what stores I visit and different things I do. I do love visiting all of the creative Blogs.  How each show different ideas and wonderful ways of "How To's". That is one way of Blogging. 
     If I am true to myself,  My Blogs are designed with a "Visual Style of Blogging". I do not need words. The name says it all  "Divine Clutter". I love to mix my digital art with arranged displays for shoppe owners.  Sharing my clutter from my home "All are my designs".
     The fashion: Is a passion I have for detail, I use Magonial Pearl as an"Artisit".  Her use of  layers of lace. The free spirit that she is, is very inspiring.  Detail in just another art form.
     I would hope you see me talking to you, throught my works. This is Me. Please sit a spell. Look throught the clutter and enjoy your visit,  Thank you, Amber Rose 
     Remember I have 3 blogs to visit.  All different in style.  There may be just one you, Love!

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